The Importance of Training

The Importance of Training

Thursday 18th June 2020
Direct Training GB Ltd.

Why Is Training Important?
Training is essential because it is designed to allow someone to be able to strengthen the skills that are needed to be able to improve and develop. This improved development allows for all employees to be brought to a higher level so that they all have a similar set of skills and knowledge. Training is also great for allowing a person numerous opportunities such as to acquire new skills, sharpen existing skills, increase productivity by performing better and also be a better leader.

Training can also be a requirement. This means that typically it is done for practical reasons such as being able to keep up with industry standards or be mandatory when someone new is hired to show them how things are done in the workplace. Training courses such as first aid training are also a legal requirement in many circumstances as well as training to use a piece of machinery, such as a forklift truck for example, safely and competently.

Below are listed some of the many key reasons why training is key:

Training improves the performance of employees - this is because the prime motivator for employee training is to be able to improve both their productivity and their performance. Therefore when it is well executed this is exactly what it does. Training provides an employee with the expertise that they require to be able to comfortably fulfil their role and as a result this will have a positive impact on the business as by using their skills they will learn to be able to empower them and therefore be able to deliver a better quality of work which then delivers a faster turnaround rate.

Training increases a persons engagement in a task - It is proven that by having an increased level of engagement a person can have an increased level of productivity. This is because an employee is interested and knowledgeable about what is going on around them and wants to be involved in a task. As a result of this, an employee will feel more emotionally invested and care about their role in a company. This means that they will be more willing to commit their time and energy to the company.

Training improves employee retention and growth - training has the ability to help a person to feel a boosted feeling of value. This is because it is a way of showing a person that you are committed to providing them with the resources they need to be able to ensure that they are doing a good job. In turn of this they are more likely to enjoy the work that they do and want to remain in your organisation for longer. Another huge benefit of this is that it will help to nurture them further in their career with your organisation. As a result of this, they will be more opportunities to hire from within your company and as a result reduce the costs of recruiting and having onboarding costs for your business.

Training creates and encourages further and consistent training - training can be used to help reduce a disparity between your teams. This is because each employee in the company will have a baseline knowledge of their individual goals and also the goals of their team, this therefore puts everyone on the same page and allows employees who have received the same training to share responsibilities and be more aware of the role that they play in their team.

Training can be used to track the skills of an employee - E-Learning particularly is great for helping an employee as well as the management team to track the training that has been undertaken and when. This therefore allows for knowledge of how up-to-date an employee is with their training. Management can also use training tracking systems to be able to identify what employees are and aren't engaging with. This allows for improvement in course content so that you know that your employees are getting the best training possible to help them succeed. Here at Direct Training GB Ltd. we have over 90 E-Learning course online which cover a wide variety of topics of all levels starting at just £9.99. To find out more simply visit our website and click the E-Learning button to see a full list of our courses available. All of our courses are fully recognised by a variety of governing boards and provide a PDF certificate at the end which is valid for 3 years from completion. Furthermore, by signing up to a free trial account you can try the first module of any course absolutely free!

Training can be used to address internal weaknesses - if there is a lack of awareness of internal weakness in a company it can be hazardous. Training can be used to overcome this by educating employees on the important situations which help to overcome and avoid any potential issues. This can also greatly help to improve and develop strategies for success.

Training helps to deliver a better service and this then leads to happier customers - when employees are well-trained, collaboratively they make a better team which is more productive. As a result, customer retention will increase and happier customers stick around and do business with a company for much longer, this means that they buy more, spread positivity about the company and powerfully and happily fuel the growth of a business.