Safety In The Dark - Top Tips To Stay Safe At Night.

Safety In The Dark - Top Tips To Stay Safe At Night.

Monday 9th November 2020
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It's November and the clocks have gone back and as a result of this, the nights are starting to get darker. In this blog, we want to share with you some tips and advice to help to keep you safe in the dark both at home and whilst you are out and about.

At home:-
- When you are at home at night, ensure that you only answer the door to someone that you are expecting.
- If you have a peephole in your door try to use this to see who is outside. Alternatively, you can look out of the window first.
- If you have a door chain, ensure that you use it when you are answering the door to any callers. (If you choose to answer to them). This will prevent people such as burglars from being able to push through your door.
- Ensure that all of your doors and windows are locked, especially whilst you are asleep.
- Never let anyone enter your house unless it is a person which you both know and trust.
- If possible, get an outside light fitted or even better a motion light. This will detect anyone coming near your home and gives you better visibility of your property.
- If you are in doubt or you are worried do not let anybody into your house.

Out and about:-
- When you are out and about at night, wear clothing that is bright where possible. This will enable cars and other potential dangers to see you.
- If you are walking or using a bike, try to travel on routes that are well-lit. This is both for your safety and so that other people on the roads such as cars can clearly see you.
- If it is possible, travel in numbers and stay together in groups.
- If you are driving at night then ensure that you stick to the speed limit as this will give you maximum control of the vehicle and keep others safe.
- If you are driving at night then make sure that you do not dazzle other drivers as this can severely reduce their visibility and make it more difficult to drive safely.
- Don't drive at night if you are tired as this can severely reduce your ability to concentrate.

We hope that these quick tips helped and that you stay safe in the dark this November and the coming months. If you did enjoy this article then please consider checking back weekly as we are consistently posting useful articles such as this one.