General Workplace Safety Mistakes Which You Should Avoid.

General Workplace Safety Mistakes Which You Should Avoid.

Thursday 19th November 2020
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Every year, thousands of accidents occur in workplaces across the UK. Some are fatal and some are minor but the common reason for these accidents is general things that could have easily been avoided. To make you aware of some of these mistakes and to give you some tips on how to reduce the risk of them occurring we have put together a list of general workplace safety mistakes.

The improper use of ladders:- As simple as it is, once of the most common (and dangerous) workplace safety mistakes is the failure to correctly use a ladder.
One of the most common ladder mistakes that people make is using ladders which are unsteady. This occurs when the ladder has not been properly set up and as a result is easily able to slide out whilst a person is on it and this can cause some very serious injuries.
Another common ladder mistake is the action of leaning from a ladder. When you are working on a ladder it is essential that you never reach off to the left or right side as what this causes if for the centre of balance to be thrown off and as a result the ladder can fall.
Furthermore, another common ladder mistake which people make isn't directly a ladder mistake it is more a case of people using things as a ladder that shouldn't be used. For example people do things such as climb scaffolding, stack chairs or use stools to reach high up. This is dangerous as these things simply were not designed to be used as a ladder in the same way as a ladder is.
Finally another ladder mistake is that people climb too high on ladders. You must never stand on the upper rungs of a ladder as this can make the ladder very unstable and depending on how the ladder has been placed even a few rungs down can be just as unstable.

A lack of visual Communication:-* This is yet again another simple mistake which is extremely common in the workplace. The noise level in many workplaces can be quite deafening at times and as a result of this it can be difficult to communicate. Communication is one of the most essential parts of safety and so therefore it is very important to have communication options which are visible in the workplace, especially if it is a loud environment such as a building site, warehouse or factory. There are many forms of visual communication. This can include things such as signs, floor markings, labels and lights to name a few. By taking the time to determine what is the most effective ways of communicating in the workplace without the need to rely on voices you can dramatically increase the overall safety of the facility.

Overcomplicating safety instructions:- When you are creating safety instructions and procedures in the workplace it is essential that you make them simple and not complicated so that everyone in the workplace can understand them with ease. If you make the measures too complicated then all that is going to happen is that confusion will occur and people will then begin to break or bend the rules. A very effective method of helping people to understand safety measures is simply just to link them to common sense so that they are more natural.

Not cleaning or organising the facility:- Cleaning and organising your facility is one of the simplest yet effective methods of keeping it a safe place to work. Although it is an essential safety measure, it can also be time and sometimes resource intensive so therefore some companies see it as a waste of time which results in the failure for it to be done. By having a clean and organised workplace you are able to keep tools and equipment in a good condition. This not only helps to prevent them from getting lost, it also reduces the risk of tripping as well as other accidents.

Failing to use proper PPE:- PPE stands for personal protective equipment and the widespread use of it has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of improving safety in the workplace. However despite this, many employees fail to wear or use PPE correctly if or at all. By doing this, these people are exposed to dangers which the PPE is supposed to prevent. One of the worst part about not wearing PPE is the fact that it can have an effect where if one person isn't wearing It then others around them may begin to do the same.

Using the wrong tool for the job:- Almost every task that needs to be completed within the workplace will require a specific type of tool. Not only is using the right tool for the job the most effective it is also the safest and the most common dramatic increase in the risk of accidents occurring is when employees try and take shortcuts by using whatever tool they have with them at the time to get a job done. By investing both the correct time and money into into ensuring that the correct tools are available for the job is a great way of keeping people safe. Not to mention that the job will be completed quickly and correctly.

Neglecting the maintenance and inspection of machinery and equipment:- Tying into the above point about tools, neglecting both the inspection and the maintenance of equipment and machinery is a common safety failure in the workplace. In the workplace, machines are money makers and a crucial tool so when they become out of use it can cause huge delays and if issues are not noticed when they are being used they can become very dangerous. The easiest way to prevent this safety issue from occurring is simply to regularly schedule inspections and maintenance of all equipment and machinery and record any faults found and address them.