Common Workplace Injuries

Monday 23rd November 2020
Direct Training GB Ltd.

Every year, There are hundreds of thousands of accidents that occur in the workplace each year, many of these accidents result in serious injuries. Thats why we have put together a list of the following ten injuries that commonly occur in the workplace.

1- Slips, trips and falls:-
Whether you work in a setting such as a shop, an office or a factory, at some point during your time at work you are likely to encounter some form of a slippery surface. Because of how common slippery surfaces are it is not unlikely that you may come a cropper on one. Furthermore, there is an additional risk for those who work at height and that is the risk of falling from a height. One of the most common forms of a fall from a height is falling from a ladder as well as situations such as falling from raised platforms or scaffolding.

2- Straining Muscles:-
One of the most common injuries in the workplace is the straining of muscles. These injuries usually occur (but are not limited to!) jobs that involve the regular lifting of heavy items such as those who work in shops and warehouses as well as construction sites. An all too frequent form of muscle strain is neck and back strain. With the correct Manual Handling training, injuries such as these can be easily avoided. To find out more about Manual Handling training why not get in touch with us here at Direct Training GB Ltd. as we are a provider of this training as well as many other such as First aid.

3- Being hit by falling objects:-
Although this sounds like an injury that can only occur in places such as warehouses environments it is a very common and possible injury in almost every workplace. An example of a falling object can be as simple as a cup falling from a cupboard or shelves in somewhere such as an office kitchen or any item for that matter. Injuries caused from falling object can be quite nasty, more so if the individual who is struck by the falling object doesn't see it coming. To prevent this type of injury from occurring it is a good idea to where possible install adequate storage cages as well as to remind employees how to store items safely and securely as something as simple as this can go a long way to reducing injury.

4- Repetitive Strain Injury:-
Abbreviated to RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury is an increasingly more common problem that is occurring in the workplace over the years. However it has got to a point where unfortunately a large majority of employees in workplaces do not take it seriously. RSI is thought to occur in people who use keyboards frequently however this is not entirely true as RSI can occur in anyone where the repetitive motion of the joints takes place. An easy way for employers to prevent the risk of RSI occurring in their employees is to remind them to take appropriate breaks as well as use ergonomic equipment such as hand trucks as these pieces of equipment help to alleviate the strain.

5- Collisions and Crashes:-
Another frequent injury which can occur in the workplace is crashes and impact injuries. These injuries can vary from involving cars, trucks or even smaller vehicles such as forklift trucks. Never the less, they all can have seriously nasty consequences. It is therefore the duty of the employer to ensure that seatbelts and other necessary safety precautions are in place and used where appropriate.

6- Lacerations and Cuts:-
In an office environment there are all sorts of implementations that can require the nursing of a painful cut. However in scenarios such as construction environment these cuts can be more severe from power saws to other power tools and these accidents are easily done. The most common cause of these injuries occurring is things such as poor training being given to the operator of the equipment or inadequate safety measures being in place. It can also be at the fault of the victim such as them not wearing appropriate PPE. (Personal Protective Equipment.) These accidents can be avoided by the employer providing things such as adequate training and PPE.

7- The Inhaling of toxic fumes:-
While many people do not work with chemicals which are hazardous there are a fair proportion of those who do and those people may be at risk of irritating reactions to the skin and eyes as we'll as further more serious injuries when exposed to chemicals without any protection. Because of this, basic safety equipment such as goggles is indispensable when in these situations. Therefore it is the responsibility of the employer to be sure that they provide workers with the necessary gear that they need in order to avoid them being exposed to dangerous situations.

8- Being exposed to loud noises:-
It is a common misconception that industrial deafness is a thing of the past and went out along with the old heavy industries but that is far from being true. Many industrial workers continue to be exposed to loud noises whilst at work and some of these situations result in industrial deafness occurring.

9- Walking into objects:-
It is safe to assume that we have all walked into something before, this is probably the case especially in the workplace. The cause of this can be harmless from being in a hurry and not looking where you are going to chatting absent-mindedly, or maybe you are even feeling a little bit under the weather. Thankfully these injuries can be easily avoided by reminding employees to be a little bit more vigilant and putting unnecessary hazards out of the way where people can't accidentally walk into them.

10- Fighting at work:-
Although this may sound a rare thing to happen unfortunately it is not. As workplace tensions simmer they can bubble under for. Months or years before eventually getting too much to contain and the result of this can be a physical confrontation. Alternatively it can be caused by something as simple as a variety in opinion over something simple such as football or politics. Unsurprisingly though, these fights can result in nasty injuries however the risk of blows being thrown can be reduced if correct policies and procedures for dealing with these situations are put in place.