The 12 Days Of Christmas Safety

Thursday 3rd December 2020
Direct Training GB Ltd.

The 12 days of Christmas is a very well known theme for this festive time of year but no matter what holiday you celebrate at this time of year or whether you don't celebrate one at all it is still essential to keep both yourself, your friends and your loved ones safe as safety is a precious gift that cannot be wrapped in a bow. Therefore to keep you safe this holiday period we have put together a list of our top 12 tips to keep you and everyone around you safe.

1. Whether your Christmas tree is real or fake, when you come to put it up ensure that it is placed away from all sources of heat. It is estimated that every year in the UK alone, 1000 people will visit A&E during the Christmas Period because of accidents related to Christmas trees.

2. If you have a live Christmas tree, remember to replenish it every few days as dry Christmas trees are a common factor in fires during the Christmas period.

3. Each year before you put up your Christmas lights, carefully inspect them for issues such as frayed cords, cracked lamp holders or loose connections. If you do find any of these issues be sure to discard the lights correctly and replace them with new ones. If you need to change a bulb, ensure that you unplug the lights first. It is reported that fairly lights are the cause of approximately 20 fires each year.

4. This is a simple tip, don't overload plug sockets. This can cause them to get hot and be a common cause of fire in the home.

5. Before going to bed, always ensure that you unplug and switch off all Christmas lights.

6. When placing candles, never place them near your Christmas tree or other furnishings. Furthermore, never leave them burning whilst unattended.

7. At this time of year it can get especially cold, because of this always make sure that you are heating your home safely. Never leave things such as portable heaters or fireplaces unattended. It is also good practice to frequently check that your fire alarms are working.

8. Do not drink and drive. If you plan on going out and drinking, ensure that you plan an alternative way of getting home instead of driving such as booking a taxi with a designated and registered driver.

9. Most people at Christmas buy toys for children. If you are doing so, ensure that they are age appropriate. This is because quite often, toys that are designed for older children include smaller parts which can be choking hazards to younger children.

10. On Christmas, ensure that you have the correct tools necessary such as a pair of scissors to open packages instead of using a knife and a screwdriver ready to assemble toys.

11. If you are cooking the Christmas dinner, ensure that you set aside enough time to do so. This is because if there are too many cooks rushing around all at once there is the risk of burns and other injuries.

12. Take the time to check up on your friends, neighbours and relatives to make sure that they are safe and well.