Staying Safe At Home This Christmas

Staying Safe At Home This Christmas

Wednesday 9th December 2020
Direct Training GB Ltd.

It's that festive time of year, for many people, stress levels will be running high trying to get in those last minute bits of shopping. This is even more so the case this Christmas as given how the year has been, many are forced to shop online and have Christmas at home so the pressure is rising. That is why in todays blog we wanted to share with you some of our top tips for staying safe at home this Christmas.

It has been proven that most Christmas accidents happen at home. This is because homes are full of friends and family of all ages and children get excited so therefore patience is tested. During a study of 2000 people which was conducted by National Accident Helpline , it was revealed that one in three women feel more stressed than they usually would during the festive period. This is because there is the added pressure of cooking and hosting Christmas festivities. Furthermore 49% of those surveyed said that they had had an accident at Christmas whilst preparing food. One in 40 of these accidents were electric shocks caused by badly wired Christmas lights. Additionally one in 50 people had called out of the attic whilst fetching down Christmas decorations.

For the many Christmas accidents that occur they are easily shrugged off, however more than 80,000 people each year require hospital treatment due to injuries such as burns, falls and cuts during the festive period. This statistic was provided by the NHS.

There are however some simple ways in which you can prevent your Christmas from being cut short by a trip to A&E.

- When buying children's gifts, ensure that they are for the correct age group as well as being purchased from a reputable source that complies with standards such as The Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011.
- To avoid the temptation to remove batteries from the smoke alarm, ensure that you purchase extra batteries prior to Christmas Day.
- Keep an eye out for potential choking hazards to children. These include things such as things that have called off the Christmas tree, button batteries and balloons which have burst.
- Keep things such as cards away from light fittings and fires.
- Put out all candles before you go to bed. Do not leave them burning. Furthermore, do not put candles on or near the Christmas tree or anything else flammable.
- When lighting the outside of your house, only use lights that are designed for outdoor use.
- Keep all lights clear of decorations as well as other flammable materials.
- When going to bed or going out, ensure that you switch all lights off.
- When storing your lights, do not store them anywhere which is damp or excessively hot.
- If you have a real Christmas tree and need to water it, ensure that you turn off all of the lights and unplug them.