Quick Holiday Safety Tips

Quick Holiday Safety Tips

Monday 14th December 2020
Direct Training GB Ltd.

Continuing on our recent theme of holiday safety we realize that it is that time of year where most people are busy trying to get those last-minute preparations in place, therefore it can be extremely difficult to find the time to sit and read a big holidays safety blog such as the ones we have been sharing with you recently. For that reason, we wanted to create the perfect partner for the other blogs in our holiday series and create a blog with just some quick tips to help you and those around you to stay safe this holiday season!

Be aware of holiday theft - In the month of November it is reported that theft levels rise. Therefore it is good practice to ensure that you keep everything secure and safe as well as do things such as lock-up trucks, cars and homes.

Deter thieves with lights - By leaving a light on in your home you are taking a great step in deterring any potential thieves. This is because by always having a light on you are giving the thieves the impression that you are at home.

Prepare for your parcels arriving - Now more than ever, more and more people are ordering gifts online and with this, the number of parcels which are reported as stolen from the doorstep is rising. You can avoid this from happening by requesting a signature confirmation upon delivery or by having the parcel delivered to a trusted neighbour or friend who you know will be in to receive it.

Cooking hazards - Whilst a fried turkey is delicious, a house which is fried due to a deep fryer accident certainly is not. Before beginning to cook, ensure that you read and understand the instructions thoroughly.

Decorations hazards - Further to the discussion of holiday fires, a Christmas tree fire can be devastating, especially when a Christmas tree is supposed to be a beacon of happiness. If you have a real Christmas tree, ensure that you water it daily to prevent it from becoming dry and regularly inspect any lights for exposed wires or breakages.

Dispose of packaging creatively - Carrying on with the discussion of holiday thieves, ensure that when you go to throw the packaging in the relevant bin that it is broken down and out of sight so that thieves don't know what valuable gifts you and your family have received. For example, leaving a box for a brand new 60 inch TV sitting out next to the dustbin just tells thieves that there is a brand new TV inside your home. Break the packaging down and stuff it deep into your bins so that it is well out of sight.

Social media caution - With todays world it is very important to be careful what you post on social media, especially at Christmas. Posting photos of new gifts is just asking for trouble and potentially enticing for thieves.

Travelling - If you are travelling this holiday season for whatever reason, wait until you have returned home to post about it online as doing so whilst you are away tells any potential thieves that your home and valuables are unoccupied. Furthermore it is a good idea to ask a trusted friend or neighbour to check up on your house every few days whilst you are away.

Door caution - A traditional tactic used by criminals wanting to subtly scope out your home is the act of posing as someone such as a delivery person or someone who is looking for charitable donations. If you are unfamiliar with the person at your door then be cautious whilst talking to them and do not let them inside your home.

Decoration Safety - When running extension cables for lights and other holiday decorations, ensure that the cords are not running through windows or garage doors as by having these openings to your home open even slightly can leave your home exposed to potential thieves.