The Dangers of Heat

The Dangers of Heat

Thursday 9th September 2021
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The UK is currently experiencing a mini-heatwave, with temperatures approaching close to 28 degrees celsius and above. However, this heatwave is primarily taking place during the weekdays whilst people are at work. That is why it is essential to know how to work safely in the heat to avoid serious illnesses such as heat stroke as well as heat stress injuries. Heat stroke is extremely serious as it can cause death or permanent disability if emergency treatment is not provided. Other heat-related disorders include but are not limited to, heat exhaustion, heat rash and heat cramps.

Heat Stroke
Heat stroke occurs when the body no longer sweats and your body temperature reaches dangerous levels. Some of the symptoms of heat stroke include:
Slurred speech
Strong, rapid pulse
Dry, hot reddish skin and a lack of sweating
High body temperature

Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is the way in which your body reacts to the loss of water and salt which is typically caused by sweating. Symptoms of heat stroke include:
Clammy skin
Muscle cramps
Excessive sweating
Flushed complexion

Heat Cramps
Heat cramps are painful cramps in your muscles which are caused by low salt levels. They are typically caused by excessive sweating and include symptoms such as:
Muscle pain which is usually in the arms, legs or abdomen
Muscle spasms which are usually in the arms, legs or abdomen

Heat Rash
Heat rash is an irritation of the skin which is caused by excessive sweating and includes symptoms such as:
Red clusters of pimples or small blisters which usually occur on the neck, upper chest, groin area, under the breasts and in the elbow crease.