Quick Read - The Maintenance & Storage of PPE

Quick Read - The Maintenance & Storage of PPE

Monday 13th September 2021
Direct Training (GB) Ltd.

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment.
Depending on the type of workplace that you work in, you may be required to wear PPE on a daily basis, all of the time or only occasionally for certain tasks. However, one of the things that is commonly overlooked is the safe storage of PPE. OSHA requires that PPE must be "maintained in a sanitary and reliable condition."

This means that a facility should have a specific area, designated solely for storing PPE which is away from harsh conditions. The PPE also needs to be easily accessible in case of emergencies. Facilities should also consider having extra PPE on hand in case it is lost, damaged or compromised. Injuries can be avoided by simply having extra PPE available on site.

Any PPE that cannot be stored for reasons such as it is designed for one time use should have a proper receptacle for its disposal. Employees on site who use the PPE should be properly trained on the importance of keeping PPE as clean as possible. Employees who use the PPE hold partial responsibility for maintaining its integrity. Therefore, if PPE is stored in a drawer or storage closet then these places must be well organized and periodically reviewed by the safety or facility manager to ensure that the equipment is in good condition. Any PPE that workers take home should also be periodically inspected.