Safety Moments

Safety Moments

Thursday 16th September 2021
Direct Training (GB) Ltd.

A safety moment is a short yet frequent safety training session that usually lasts less than ten minutes. Because of this, a safety moment can take place at any time, whether this be at the beginning of a shift, in the middle of the day (to break up the workload) or even before or after a meeting or event. Safety moments should be informal and be an open invitation to everyone in the workplace to attend. This encourages group interaction and is an excellent way of getting everyone involved. Because safety is a team effort, everyone being involved is crucial to creating a strong safety culture in the workplace.

There is no set way of creating or carrying out a safety moment. Safety moments can be anything from a video presentation, a Q&A, a role-play scenario or even just a talk. The most important part of a safety talk is conveying your safety message effectively and abiding by what you say as an employer. Ask yourself questions such as "are you willing to do what you are asking your team to do?" "Are you going to lead by example?".

Due to the nature of safety moments/meetings being very open and short, they are a great place to try something new and touch on subjects that are relevant yet out of the ordinary. After all, the main priority is to keep safety in your team's minds. For this reason, the only criteria for an idea to qualify as a good safety moment idea is for your team's well-being to be at the core of your message.