Winter Safety Driving Kit - 10 Things to Put in Your Car This Winter

Winter Safety Driving Kit - 10 Things to Put in Your Car This Winter

Tuesday 9th November 2021
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As the mornings become chillier, car windows become frosted and driving requires even more caution that usual. Being prepared for the road in the winter is essential as anything could happen. In this blog we are going to be sharing with you 10 must have items that you should keep in your car at all times throughout the colder months as you never know when any of them might come in handy.

1. First Aid Kit
Whilst still being essential year round, a first aid kit is still one of the most important things to keep in your car, especially during winter. This is even more so the case as during conditions such as snow, emergency vehicle response times may be slower. By having a basic first aid kit in your car or vehicle and basic first aid knowledge you will be able to administer basic yet potentially life saving help until assistance arrives.

2. Blankets
Lots of people have extra blankets lying around the house. It is always a great idea to have a spare blanket in your vehicle at all times. If your vehicle breaks down or you become stranded in a crash, you will notice the temperature drop fast and in cases where your car won't turn on you won't be able to rely on the heater so a blanket becomes a great way to stay warm.

3. Flashlight
It is a known fact that it gets darker earlier in the winter. This can make it very hard to see, especially in a scenario where you stall or you have a problem with your vehicle. Having a flashlight on hand is an essential tool and can make you visible to other road users. Don't rely on your phone flashlight as using this will drain your battery and you may need your phone to call for assistance.

4. Extra windshield washer fluid
This one is quite self explanatory. However, you should make sure that your windshield washer fluid has antifreeze components in order to prevent it from freezing and causing further problems. When you are in a storm, clearing your windscreen with fluid will offer you improved visibility.

5. A rope or chain
A rope or chain can be essential If your vehicle becomes stuck in heavy snow, breaks down or comes off the road. A chain or rope can be used to tow your vehicle to safety or the nearest garage.

6. Jumper cables
In the cold weather, it is essential that if your car breaks down you are able to jump it. This is why it is always good practice to carry jump cables in your vehicle as you never know when you may need them.

7. Sunglasses
Although Winter isn't the sunniest time of year, when it is snowing, the weather can still be extremely harsh on your eyes. By wearing sunglasses you can reduce the evaporation of the natural moistures and tears that your eyes create. Furthermore, if you wear contact lenses then sunglasses are a great way of preventing them from drying out in the cold Winter winds. On a cold Winter's day, particles can land in your eyes. This has the risk of these particles scratching your eyes or even causing what is known as corneal abrasions.

8. A small tool kit
When you are out on the road, at any time of year, you never know when you are going to need a tool kit. Sometimes this may be for a simple fix but also sometimes it may also be required for something much larger. A small tool kit can make a huge difference in an emergency scenario.

9. Water and non perishable snacks
In the emergency that you break down or are stuck for a long time in traffic. Having water to stay hydrated and snacks to keep your energy levels up are essential. By packing non perishable snacks you can store the snacks in your car for a long period of time and always be assured that they are there when you need them. Especially in cold weather, food and drinks can potentially be life saving.

10. A phone charger & battery bank
When you are out on the road in dangerous weather, your phone is one of the most crucial items that you can have on you as it can be used to ring for help if you need it. In the cold weather, batteries can drain faster than normal and that is why a battery bank is essential to ensure that your phone always has enough battery to keep you connected at all times.