3 Seasonal Safety Tips To Keep You Safe In The Workplace

3 Seasonal Safety Tips To Keep You Safe In The Workplace

Tuesday 30th November 2021
Direct Training (GB) Ltd.

It's officially December and for many, that means that it is the start of the holiday season. With this new season it is also crucial to think about how staff and their families might be affected during this time. This often means that there are additional responsibilities to consider and lots of at-home tasks for everyone to catch up on, think about and even sometimes worry about. All these things can be factors in affecting workplace performance and potentially impact the safety of other employees.

To help you stay safe this holiday season and keep everyone around you safe too. Here is a list of the biggest holiday safety considerations that you should keep in mind this holiday season.

1. Drunk and drowsy driving
The holiday season is often the peak time for drunk and drowsy driving reporting's. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that an average of 300 people die in drunk driving crashes in the week between Christmas and New Year. This heightening in deaths comes from Christmas parties and celebrations. Drowsy driving can come because of many things including but not limited to working overtime in the busy December period, having friends and family visit or even just the general exhaustion of preparing food, presents and everything else that is required for Christmas. All these things and many other factors can be the cause of dangerous driving. This is especially dangerous when employees who work with heavy vehicles get behind the wheel whilst at work. Drowsy driving is dangerous as drowsy drivers are far less aware of hazards and therefore have longer breaking distances. Another cause of drowsy driving is having to get up early and drive.

2. Fatigue
Like drowsy driving, fatigue can cause issues both inside and outside of the workplace. Since it is the busy season, if you are an employer, you should take extra precautions with your staff. No matter whether they work on construction sites, with heavy machinery or on production lines, you should look out for signs of fatigue to prevent workplace accidents. Another cause of fatigue is things such as winter illnesses such as cold, flu and a sore throat. These are all factors that can contribute or lead to tiredness. Staff members that have a cough, temperature and other similar symptoms may have slower reaction times overall.

3. Holiday stress
The holiday season is undoubtably a very stressful time of year for many families for a wide variety of reasons. From working overtime, having more to do at home, worrying about finances or simply eating and drinking too much and feeling lonely. Stress is caused by a range of reasons. The best way to handle stress is to talk to someone and give yourself plenty of time to rest instead of taking on extra hours at work.