5 Tips For Cooking Safely This Christmas

5 Tips For Cooking Safely This Christmas

Friday 10th December 2021
Direct Training (GB) Ltd.

Christmas is right around the corner and up and down the country, friends and families will be sharing Christmas dinner. It's a time for festivities and cheer but cooking that same dinner can also be extremely dangerous, especially when a bit of Christmas wine is involved!

In today's blog, we will be sharing with you a quick selection of cooking safety to tips to help ensure that your Christmas dinner is as safe, merry and festive as possible.

1. The danger of kitchens - the kitchen can be a very dangerous place, especially for young children whilst food is being prepared. Never leave children alone in the kitchen whilst something is cooking on the hob. Additionally, you should make sure that matches and saucepan handles are out of their reach.

2. Loose clothing - If you wear loose clothing whilst cooking you should take additional care as this can very easily catch on fire by accident.

3. Keep things away from the hob - just as loose clothing can easily catch fire, so can things such as tea towels and cloths. Keep these well away from the hobs whilst you are cooking.

4. Ignition - It should be remembered that devices such as hobs that ignite using sparks are much safer than those that require lighters, matches or light gas. This is because spark devices don't use a naked flame to ignite.

5. Double check - It is always best to double check the cooker is turned off once you have finished cooking as the slightest thing left in the oven could cause a devastating fire.