The Danger of Distractions in the Workplace

The Danger of Distractions in the Workplace

Tuesday 11th January 2022
Direct Training (GB) Ltd.

Distractions are one of the most dangerous things in the workplace. There are many types of distractions and in todays blog we will be discussing each type of distractions and ways in which you can avoid them.

1 - Mental distractions and inattention - Mental distractions are one of the leading causes of accidents in the workplace. Mental distractions can range from talking to a co-worker whilst performing a hazardous task to replaying or fantasising scenes in your head. Mental distractions are extremely dangerous because they lead to inattention and these inattentions could result in either you or a colleague becoming seriously injured or even killed. The best way to avoid mental distractions is to stay focussed at all times, especially whilst you are carrying out a dangerous task.

2 - Poor housekeeping - If your workplace is visually cluttered and messy, this can quickly lead to mental clutter and distractions. A messy workplace can lead you to overlook a safety issue without realising due to the frustration of trying to find what you are looking for. Ensure that you keep your work area clean and clear of clutter. You can do this by organizing equipment and materials and keeping them in their designated place. Furthermore, poor housekeeping says a lot about your attitude towards safety, productivity and quality. Having a messy workplace can also give others the impression that you are messy and slothful.

3 - Machinery - When working on a machine, heavy piece of equipment or electrical hazard, ensure that you keep a safe distance. This is because they can impede your manoeuvrability, vision and hearing which could cause a mishap or injury due to entrapment in moving parts or a slip, trip and fall.

4 - Hearing - You must ensure that you wear earplugs or muffs when working around loud machinery or equipment. If you would like to listen to music in these scenarios then you should ask your supervisor If it is permissible to listen to podcasts or music. This can be controversial because in some workplace scenarios, wearing earphones can be a distraction which could lead to a fatal accident.

5 - Long or unkept hair - One of the leading causes of accidents is hair getting caught in machinery. Accidents also happen when someone is attempting to fix their hair whilst operating a piece of equipment or heavy machinery. Loose and flowing hair can easily get in your face and obstruct your vision. It can also become an annoying distraction for people who are trying to work around you.