What It Means To Be Proactive & How To Become More Proactive

What It Means To Be Proactive & How To Become More Proactive

Friday 4th February 2022
Direct Training (GB) Ltd.

The word 'Proactive' is defined as "creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened."

People who appear to have a great balance of being successful at work, have a great personal life and also manage to do things such as work out often can generally put this balance down to mastering the art of being proactive and being prepared for everything.

In today's blog, we will be sharing with you what it means to be proactive both at work and in life, what a proactive mindset is and how to become less reactive.

A Proactive mindset

To be proactive means that you are thinking about the future and focusing on all of the things that you can control instead of focussing on things that are out of their control. This also means taking responsibility.

How to be more proactive

1. Focus more on the future - People have a tendency to dwell on the past. This is because we know what has previously happened and therefore, we use this knowledge to make predictions. Whilst this is useful, it can also constrain our thinking to what we already know.

2. Take personal responsibility for your success - We live in a world where most people who are successful have a "sponsor" to help and guide them in their career. This can be dangerous because sometimes in these scenarios it is easy to take a back seat with your career and business. To avoid this happening, you should aim to focus on what you can do to be successful rather than what others can do for you.

3. Think of the bigger picture - The main thing you must never forget about is your ultimate goal. Whilst there will always be little things to worry about, you must not get lost in the minute and lose track of what you are trying to accomplish in the long term.

4. Prioritize - to be proactive, you must understand that you can't do everything. If you do try and do everything then you will find yourself become reactive as you will be bouncing from one item to the next. By focussing on a few goals, you will find that you move towards greater success.

5. Make things happen - ultimately, to be proactive you must make things happen. Don't sit on the side-line, waiting to see what happens. When you are proactive and take initiative, whilst you may fail, you will win more.