Day-To-Day Safety

Thursday 3rd March 2022
Direct Training (GB) Ltd.

In this blog we cover a wide range of health and safety topics to suit the vast array of different workplace scenarios, weather conditions and workplace environments.

It has however been a long time since we have covered the general health and safety considerations that you should account for in everyday life. That is why, in today's blog, we want to share with you some day-to-day health and safety tips to help you stay safe, even when you aren't in the workplace.

Leaving your house
Before you leave your house or apartment, keep strangers out by locking all of your doors and closing all of your windows. If you have a security system you should activate it on the way out to scare off or deter any potential intruders. Even if you are just leaving for a few minutes, lock your front door and close the garage (if you have one). When you go out at night it is a good idea to leave one or two lights on to deter burglars from considering entering your home as it gives off the impression that the house is occupied. If you go away on holiday or on an extended trip, ask someone who you trust to take in your mail as when a burglar is scouting out a potential house to enter, a lot of mail can be an indicator that the house isn't occupied.

Driving safely
As soon as you enter your car, inspect the vehicle and ensure that everything is the way that you left it. If it is cold and frosty, be sure to defrost your windows. If you are carrying children, be sure to fasten their seatbelts before your own. Anyone under 5'2" should be seated in the back seat of the vehicle. This is because the airbag in the front can pose a serious risk to shorter individuals. You must not use a cell phone whilst driving, even if you have a bluetooth headset. You should not talk on the phone whilst driving as this is a distraction and takes your mind off the road. You should also avoid eating in the car.

Going to crowded public places
Whether it is for a coffee on our way to work or to the shops, pub or football game on a weekend, we are all familiar with how a crowded space feels. When you are in a public space you must protect yourself from those around you. You should always keep your wallet in your front pocket and if possible, keep purses zipped up and avoid swinging them over your shoulder. If you go to an event such as a concert, upon arrival try and identify the security personnel.