Staying Cool in the Sun

Staying Cool in the Sun

Monday 23rd May 2022
Direct Training GB Ltd.

Its Summer and as we all know, the British Summertime weather can be unpredictable. One minute it can be cold and raining and the next it can be hot and uncomfortable to work in.

However the matter still remains that no matter the weather, many people still need to go to work to earn a living so knowing how to work on those hot summer days is essential. That is why today we are sharing with you our top tips for working in the sun.

1. Shutting out the sun - As the first point on this list, although it may seem counterintuitive, keep your curtains closed during the day. Doing this will stop the sun from warming up your home or workspace.

2. Dress like it's workout - Dressing in clothes that you would normally use to do a high intensity activity such as a workout is a great way of staying cool. This is because these items of clothing are often designed to absorb sweat and dissipate heat.

3. Freeze a hot water bottle -
Hot water bottles are actually useful in more scenarios than you would imagine. Just as you would heat one up to stay warm in the winter, why not freeze it to stay cold in the summer. Once you have frozen it, a great place to rest it is on your feet and ankles. This is because feet and ankles are particularly sensitive to heat due to them having lots of pulse points. When you put something cool against them you are initiating a cool-down effect over your entire body.

4. Take your socks off - Carrying on from the above point, feat and ankles are particularly sensitive to heat and are used to regulate your core temperature. When it is warm outside, your hands and feet are used to get rid of excess heat.

5. Open the windows after sundown - The air is cooler later in the evening so by opening the windows once the sun has gone down you are allowing cold air to flow into your home or workplace and cool it down ready for the next day. Once you have done this, try not to open your windows in the daytime as this will allow the cold air to escape.

6. Avoid caffeine - By having a morning coffee you are raising your body temperature which isn't a good idea if you are already hot. A better alternative is to swap it for a glass of water.

7. Drink water - To carry on from the previous point, you should be drinking around 6 to 8 glasses of water each day at the best of times. If you begin to feel thirsty then this means that you are already beginning to dehydrate. Take regular sips of water to prevent this from happening.