Staying Safe This Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend

Staying Safe This Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend

Wednesday 1st June 2022
Direct Training (GB) Ltd.

As the UK is gearing up to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's Platinum Jubilee these next few days, we thought that there is no better time to share with you some important tips to help you stay safe this Bank Holiday weekend.

Beacons & Bonfires
If you are planning to light a beacon or bonfire this Bank Holiday weekend, please refrain from using accelerants. You should also ensure that there is a well-constructed and sturdy cordon between the fire and the people who are near it. You will need to consider the wind direction when you are lighting the fire to ensure that the smoke plume created will not affect any roads, residential areas, or access points. As a bonfire is a controlled burn, it is illegal to leave it unattended or to have too few people available to control it. You must always ensure that the fire is completely put out before you leave it and you should be sure to check it the next day to ensure that it has not reignited.

If you are planning on lighting a beacon or bonfire, you must inform your local Fire and Rescue Service so that they don't attend to a false alarm when they could be responding to a real emergency. You must tell them the following details:
- The name and address of the organizer.
- A contact number that can be reached during the event.
- The location of the beacon.
- The date, start time, and finish time that the bonfire or beacon will be alight.

If you plan on having a firework display you must follow the Firework Code. You must only buy fireworks that have the CE marking on them.

Barbeques should be situated well away from sheds, fences, shrubs, garden waste, or any other flammable materials or objects. You should never use petrol or paraffin to start nor revive a barbeque. You should only use recognized lighters or started fuel on cold coals.

Please do not allow people who have been drinking alcohol to be involved in the use of fireworks or barbeques. You should encourage people to plan their journey home in advance and not be tempted to drink-drive.