The Benefits of Having an Occupation Health & Safety Policy (As a Business)

The Benefits of Having an Occupation Health & Safety Policy (As a Business)

Friday 7th July 2023

A key aspect of running any business successfully is having an Occupation Health & Safety Programme.

Having an occupational Health & Safety programme can help to reduce and even eliminate the risk of workplace illness and injury. Having an occupational Health & Safety programme in your business can also support how you handle any health issues which may occur in the workplace. There are also several other benefits to having a Health & Safety programme in your workplace which we will be discussing in this blog.

Reduced cost of accidents
Occupational Health & Safety can save organisations a lot of money through the reduction in the number of accidents which will occur. If an employee gets ill or is injured whilst they are in the workplace, the employer can be responsible for damages.

Better employee retention rate
By having an occupational Health & Safety policy, there is the possibility that your employee retention rate will be increased. This is because employees are more likely to feel as though they have a fair system in place, whereby they and their health is valued, they are more likely to stay with the company. Employees appreciate when their workplace offers additional incentives that show that they care about their employees.

Improved reputation
Occupation Health & Safety programmes can contribute to a company's reputation. For example, if an employee has a specific health condition and the company works with them to accommodate any requirements they may have as well as help them to get the best possible care and advice, word will spread, and word of mouth can contribute to a company having/developing a good reputation. Having a good reputation as a company can be appealing to potential investors as well as people looking to join your team as an employee.