Driver CPC Emergency First Aid at Work

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£65.00 exc VAT

A Health & Safety Executive Approved course that complies with First Aid Regulations 1981 and includes AED familiarisation.

This Course is approved by JAUPT and counts towards 7 hours of the required 35 hours of Driver CPC training that a HGV driver must undertake within a 5 year period.

Who Should Attend?
Any HGV driver who would find themselves in charge, or who has been appointed to take charge of first aid during a first aid emergency in the absence of a qualified First Aider.

Course Content
• Health & Safety
• AED Familiarisation
• First Aid Kit
• Resuscitation/CPR - Adult, Child, Baby
• Recovery Position
• Choking - Adult, Child, Baby
• Burns & Scalds
• Poisoning including Anaphylaxis
• Epilepsy
• Shock
• Bleeding & Nose Bleeds
• Asthma
• Head Injuries
• Breaks, Sprains & Strains
• Specific Conditions (Heart Attack)

Assessment / Certification

Independent qualified assessors carry out the assessments.
Each delegate that passes will receive a Certificate valid for Three years.

Please note that training can take place up to 3 months in advance of the Certificate expiry date. The new Certificate will be dated from the expiry date of the old Certificate.

Both lunch and Drivers Hours upload are included with this course.