Driver CPC Health and Safety & Security

£65.00 exc VAT

Aims & Objectives
- Understand loading bay safety checks
- Understand what vehicle checks need to be undertaken
- Understand how to ensure the driver is fit to drive
- Understand general on-site safety issues including signs & PPE.
- Understand security risks.

Subject Areas
- Health, Safety and Emergencies
- Loading/Unloading (PCV)
- Personal Health and Wellbeing
- Physical/Mental Health and Wellbeing
- Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving

Assessment / Certification

Independent qualified assessors carry out the assessments.
Each delegate that passes will receive a Certificate valid for Three years.

Please note that training can take place up to 3 months in advance of the Certificate expiry date. The new Certificate will be dated from the expiry date of the old Certificate.

Both lunch and Drivers Hours upload are included with this course.