Driver CPC Tachographs, Drivers Hours & Working Time Directives

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Aims & Objectives
Have an understanding of EU and domestic rules as well as be able to deal with variations.
- Have an understanding of working time directives.
- Understand tachographs, know what they look like and be able to explain the difference between the two different types of tachographs (analogue and digital).
- Understand what is required for a manual trace on a tachograph.
- Understand road safety provisions and offences as well as be refreshed on the highway code and be made aware of any recent changes to it.
- Understand speed awareness and the consequences of going too fast or too slow.
- Understand why seatbelts are important and the statistics regarding them.
- Understand drink and drug awareness and the effects and consequences that prescribed drugs can have.
- Understand and recognize hazards and reaction times.

Subject Areas
- Health, Safety and Emergencies
- Legislation (including Drivers Hours, Rules and Regulations and the Working Time Directive)
- Physical/Mental Health and Wellbeing
- Regulations for Carriage of Goods (LGV)Subject Areas

Assessment / Certification

Independent qualified assessors carry out the assessments.
Each delegate that passes will receive a Certificate valid for Three years.

Please note that training can take place up to 3 months in advance of the Certificate expiry date. The new Certificate will be dated from the expiry date of the old Certificate.

Both lunch and Drivers Hours upload are included with this course.