Sharps Awareness

Sharps Awareness

Our Sharps Awareness in-house training course in designed to teach candidates about the prevalence and different types of 'sharps litter' that can be found throughout the UK.

The course then covers the primary and secondary risks from sharps including some of the common blood borne viruses.

Furthermore, this course also covers the responsibilities of employers, the equipment needed and the effectiveness of PPE.

Finally, you will learn how to report discarded sharps and the correct procedures to follow if you're unlucky enough to receive a sharps injury.

Who Should Attend?
This course is targeted at anyone who may be at risk of coming into contact with sharps as part of their work.

Course Contents
- The prevalence of sharps.
- The different types of sharps litter.
- The primary risks of sharps.
- The secondary risk of sharps.
- The viruses carried by sharps.
- The responsibilities of employers regarding sharps.
- The equipment needed to remove sharps.
- Sharps PPE and the effectiveness of it.
- How to report sharps.
- How to discard of sharps.
- The correct procedure to take if you sustain a sharps injury.

Course Duration
This course lasts for 3.5 hours

£60.00 + VAT per person